Gapochka is a modern and dynamically developing enterprise. Our engineers, designers, and designers are developing dozens of models of trousers for men and women. We strive to ensure that the trousers Gapochka ideal fit for our customers.

Pants are made on the Russian and foreign garment factories and sold through a network of branded stores located in Kirov, Perm, Tyumen.

The concept of brand Gapochka consists of four main parts:    

  • Wide range.
  • Affordability.
  • Pants for each type of figure.
  • Supermarket pants.

1. Large range.

In our shop men's and women's pants, made both by the original templates Gapochka and pants from other manufacturers.

Gapochka strives to offer the widest range of convenient and beautiful pants for every occasion of life - from a walk in the countryside to work in the office.

2. Access for All and buying mood.

Gapochka offers pants, accessible to all: from student to a businessman. People often have to buy pants and the mood, so they do not have to be expensive. We strive to convey to buyers the idea that a new pair of trousers "with needles, which are well seated, you'll look a lot better than the old, even purchased very dearly. Trousers - this everyday item of clothing that quickly wears out and loses the appearance of the physical effects, so they should be very accessible.

3. Pants for each type of shape.

Gapochka company continually explores the typology of figures of men and women living in Russia, modify and update their models. Company strives to ensure that every person entering the store Gapochka, could pick up for yourself at least one model of trousers for a particular case. And after the purchase he or she would not have fit trousers on or take in growth. Thus, the company strives to make life Gapochka their customers better and easier.

4. Supermarket pants.

Gapochka creates supermarkets trousers, in which the entire range is on the trading floor, with easy and understandable dimensional pointers. We adhere to the concept that a person can choose his own pants without professional assistance. Gapochka strive for democracy in the choice of trousers.

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